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The Instructor Software comprises a suite of tools which controls, monitors and records a driver session from start to finish. Updating in real time allows the Instructor to interact and switch points, change signals, adjust platform population and trigger a variety of events such as cars pulling out of junctions.

  • Weather conditions and time of day/night can be adjusted remotely by the Instructor
  • The Instructor Station can monitor the driver’s operation of the controls and dials
  • The Instructor can take control of, and drive, any driver’s vehicle using the Instructor Software
  • All events are logged
  • The built-in real-time analyser creates a speed/time graph which records and time stamps all data and video from the session
  • The session analyser and session playback tools allow for post session analysis and training

The Instructor Software can monitor the performance of a driver, identify bad habits and driving errors. Live scenarios and other tools can then be introduced to correct and challenge poor driving.  Post session review can be conducted in great detail analysing speed compliance, cab routine, Master Controller operation, eco performance and comfort driving using charts and video playback of sessions.