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The Hazard Perception testing tool can be used to effectively monitor any deterioration in the attention of experienced drivers. The potential suitability of new drivers can be assessed before full training has been undertaken. It features a pre-scripted journey with configurable events along the way within a variety of differing driving environments.

  • Users are scored on their ability to recognise and assess emerging risks and potential risks
  • Reaction time is noted and built into the session score
  • All events are based on real-life situations, crafted with the help of trainers and drivers
  • The software runs on almost any PC or laptop with no specialised hardware required
  • The software is simple to download, install and operate
  • It can be added to any Avansim Simulator or Workstation and used as part of a training plan

This hazard perception software has been developed for, and with the guidance of, the transport industry in direct response to demand for an ongoing, quantifiable measure of driver attention whilst in service. As part of a general assessment program this device can help to detect degeneration caused by illness or stress before it becomes a threat to passenger, pedestrian and system safety.