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Avansim Stakeholder Engagement Software offers all stakeholders a realistic simulated vision of new, or extended, transport systems either at the planning stage or before completion. By placing virtual cameras, the entire environment can be viewed from inside the vehicle cab or from any stationary point outside the vehicle within a reasonable distance from the track. This includes neighbouring buildings of any height.

A number of features give this product further value:

  • Upgradable to a full Driver Training System or Controller System in less time and at a lower cost than from scratch
  • Can be used to test the accuracy of planned schedules and timetables
  • Reduces negative reaction from stakeholders
  • User controlled viewer placement tools
  • Automatic viewer tracking of the passing vehicle
  • Maximum decibel levels can be calculated including double vehicle passing events
  • Utilises and combines BIM and visualisation data into one high quality user experience

This software provides a unique opportunity to engage with operators, businesses, the media and the public long before opening deadlines. It creates the foundations of a future training simulator system, enabling early driver training during the construction phase, substantially reducing downtime otherwise needed for training before operations can begin. Systems can open on time and within budget allowing for the generation of revenue from the earliest possible opportunity.