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This stand-alone software can be used on a tablet, laptop or PC and is designed to be completely independent from the simulator hardware. Drivers can use it to familiarise themselves with existing and new systems (HCI, TCMS, etc.) in the office or even at home. Software can take the user through systems step-by-step, or issue tasks that the user must achieve on their own. A variety of modules also cover fault finding, emergency procedures and signalling. This versatile tool can be programmed to cover any field of training required by the operator.

  • Traction SCADA or power control
  • Vehicle fault rectification such as isolating doors
  • Procedures such as readying for coupling or resetting of a vehicle
  • Cab set-up and entering route codes etc.

Non-driving training like this can be practised within the training environment on touch-screens within simulators and dedicated hardware, or offsite unsupervised, freeing workstations for driver training.