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The Controller Software faithfully simulates the Control Room experience in every detail. With it, both trainee and experienced controllers are able to practice service reformation, dealing with disruption in a structured learning environment and can even replicate real or common incidents and analyse the response. Controllers can practice difficult or rare situations that cannot be practiced on a real workstation such as traction power switching or serious incidents. Trainees can practice these events repeatedly without the pressure of a service delivery environment.

  • AI vehicles run the system to timetables and/or headway
  • Interaction with the system in the same manner as the actual Control Room, without the dangers of doing it ‘live’
  • Control over signals, points etc.
  • Emulated radio messages can be sent to the drivers, advising them to adjust speed, stop and wait for instructions, turn back, etc.
  • Virtual CCTV from any camera can be viewed to assess platform loading and passenger issues
  • Trainers can introduce events into the system to train and compare recovery strategies

When a real incident is encountered, an optimised solution can be put into practice equally effectively by both experienced and newly trained Controllers. This avoids the delays caused by inefficient returns to normal service when newly trained Controllers take charge of the system.