v-light rail image

Transport systems are responding globally to the need for greener solutions by exploring highly energy efficient, flexible, low cost systems that are quick to install. Very Light Rail is an exciting new option that meets all these needs with city planners increasingly realising its potential. Small, light pods running frequently on lighter, easier to install track or on segregated lanes with or without drivers will become a more commonplace addition to new and existing transport networks in the coming decades. Replacing cars in heavily congested cities across the globe with low or zero carbon emission alternatives has become a core part of the green agenda. Avansim is already working with developers, operators and manufacturers at the early stage of production to provide them with the appropriate simulation solutions for their specific needs:

  • Fault finding training
  • Degraded operation training
  • Driverless vehicle recovery training
  • Controller training on a flexible system
  • Low cost, small footprint hardware
  • E-training on mobile devices remotely or on multiple sites