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The UK tram system, having once been the largest in the world, is experiencing a renaissance. It was this movement that provided the impetus in 2010 to create Avansim’s award winning training solution, Tram-Pro, now the de facto standard across Great Britain and being increasingly adopted globally. The absence of a low cost, line-of-sight training system tailored to the specific needs of tram driver training led to the development from scratch of a new kind of simulator, the first designed specifically for the light rail industry. It includes:

  • Creation of realistic road running sections especially suitable for line-of-sight training
  • Inclusion of other road users, cars, pedestrians, cyclists, other trams behaving naturalistically using sophisticated AI technology
  • The provision of multiple workstation overseen by one Instructor
  • The recreation digitally of an entire detailed geo-specific system for route familiarity training
  • The provision of a wide variety of hardware options to stay within tight budgetary requirements
  • Inbuilt scenarios that increase hazard awareness of trouble spots and high traffic areas including complex interaction with signals, cars, passengers and other trams
  • The ability to train several different vehicles types on one simulator system
  • Sophisticated analyser systems to capture and record training sessions and to feedback on eco-metrics and passenger comfort
  • The ability to include, at a later date, new trams, new lines, new signalling and environment updates without downtime

Tram-Pro successfully delivers all these features and more while expanding and advancing it’s technology by constantly adding new and innovative features.